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Why Diet Foods Make You Get Fat!

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Why Diet Foods Make You Get Fat!

There are three hormones that control hunger in our body. Gherelin is the hormone that makes you hungry. It is counter balanced by leptin and obestain. As your body burns food energy, and your blood glucose lowers, more gherelin is produced in your stomach walls and other parts of your body. This signals the brain and the stomach that you need to eat. A feeling of hunger is the result.

When you eat, your stomach detects that energy is present in the food. The same stomach cells that produced gherelin to make you hungry, now stop producing gherelin and start to produce obestatin to make you feel sated. This is a short term balance that happens a few times a day.

The role of leptin is longer term. Leptin is created in fat cells. As you develop more fat in your body, the amount of leptin increases. Theoretically this makes you feel sated faster so you tend to eat less. It also reduces your craving for fatty foods. This is a longer term control that affects the short term production of gherelin and obestatin. Historically, this is the survival mechanism that the body uses to know that it has sufficient fat reserves to cover periods where food is sparse.

So how does all this relate to diet foods?

The body reacts to normal foods like sugar and fat in foods when it is producing these hormones. Aspartame or saccharin in food will displace carbs, but there is still fat content in the food. When you eat these foods with aspartame or saccharin in them to replace the sugar, the body does not recognize them as nutrients (carbs). As a result the only part of the food that can signal the production of obestatin to reduce hunger is the fat content.

Since it takes much longer to metabolize fat, you have a tendency to stay hungry longer while you are eating, and as a result, you tend to overeat the diet food. Since the food has no carbs in it, and because obestatin production is slowed down, you produce excess amounts of gherelin, which leaves you almost perpetually hungry. In the mean time, there is a good chance that your intake of fat is higher than it would normally be and you continue to put on weight. No wonder that eating diet food does not work for most people!

So what can you do about it?

Well basically you need to eat natural foods that your bodies hormone factories can relate to. When you eat, you should eat small amounts of food more often during the day. This prevents extreme swings of gherelin and obestatin in your system. The type of food that you eat and how you prepare that food is also very important. You need to eat food that has better staying power.

If you overcook vegetables, meat and fish they are easier to digest, which means that they spike blood sugar levels, which works against your diet. Also, if you cook the food less, then the digestive system has to work harder to convert it to energy. The net result is that you are using your digestive tract to help you burn calories.

There are some foods that help increase your metabolism, such as macha tea. You are looking for foods with a low glycemic index to minimize blood sugar peaks and valleys, and you are also looking for foods that help reduce the production of gherelin slightly. Pistachio nuts and almonds are about the best foods for this. They help make any diet more bearable.

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