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Transsexual Dating and Transgender Dating Information

What is the Definition of Transgender?

A transgender person is one who dresses as, desires to be, transitions toward or identifies as a person of the opposite sex. These individuals can be drag queens, transvestites or transsexuals.

Why Do Men Dress in Women's Clothing?

Some people dress in women's clothing as a way of expression. Some are entertainers who dress in women's clothing during performances, but live life as a man dressed in men's clothing (drag queen). Other individuals identify as a gender other than their birth gender. This can be expressed simply by dressing as a woman or through sex reassignment (sex change) surgery. Note that not every person who cross dresses has a transgender issue.

Do All Transgender People Have Sex Change (or Sex Reassignment) Surgery?

There are many facets to the transgender community. Transsexuals often want physical alteration of their bodies to make them closer to the sex that they identify with, but not all transgender people desire sex change (reassignment) surgery..

What Is Sex Reassignment?

Sex reassignment, also known as sex change, also less appropriately known as gender reassignment, is a surgical procedure that alters genital and other physical characteristics. Some transsexual people opt for sex change surgery to better align their physical sexual characteristics with their psychological identity.
Sex change surgery can cost between $10,000.00 and $20,000.00 and that does not include therapy required before and after the operation. There is hormone replacement therapy before and after, permanent hair removal, voice therapy, and psychological treatments. Generally, people are recommended to live 100% of the time as a member of the targeted gender for about a year or so before surgery.

Is It Okay To Use The Word 'Tranny'?

Using the words "tranny," "trannie," "she-male," "shemale", "he-she," "it," "chicks with dicks" or "gender-bender" are considered defamatory and dehumanizing toward transgender people.

He or She?

What pronoun should you use for a transgender person, he or she? Just ask them. They are human beings after all. If you know someone, just be a friend – it will not rub off on you in any way.

Is It Okay To Use The Word Transvestite?

The term "transvestite" is often incorrectly used in reference to a person that cross dresses and is considered a put down or defamatory. Transvestite is more closely aligned with transgender people – people who are uncomfortable with their birth sex.

What is Cross Dressing, Then?

Cross Dressing people adopt the identity of the opposite through dress and behavior. Cross dressing is a form of gender expression. People that cross dress can be either gay, transgender, or heterosexual.

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