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The TV Dinner Diet -- The Easiest and Most Effective Diet to Follow.

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The TV Dinner Diet

Are you ready for a diet that is totally effective, but is just too easy to believe?

Here it is:
8:00 am Breakfast:
1) Two pieces of raisin bread toast - lightly spread with margarine
2) One or two cups of coffee or tea

11:00 am Lunch:
1) One apple
2) Small package of lunch vegetables (see below for preparation)
3) Two cups Decaffeinated coffee or Green Tea or 500 ml bottled water or herbal tea

2:00 pm Snack:
1) 1/3 cup of a mixture of almonds, pecan nuts, raisins, blueberry raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds - all without salt is best.
2) 500 ml Bottled Water or herbal tea

5:00 pm Snack:
1) One granola bar
2) 500 ml Bottled water or herbal tea.

8:00 pm Supper:
1) TV dinner
2) Glass of Milk (you can use soy milk, almond milk, or lactate free mild if you have a lactate problem)
3) 100 grams of Pro-biotic Yogurt (this is the single serving size - substitute a large scoop of ice cream a couple of times a week for variety)

10:00 pm Snack
1) one small bag of potato chips (or equivalent)
2) small glass of water or milk (Note: this snack should be eaten no later than two hours before bedtime, so adjust the time between eating times on this schedule to fit your daily waking/sleeping routine).

Other Information To Make The Diet Effective:

Try to walk faster in your daily routine, also exercise about 30 to 45 minutes per day, whenever convenient. This should be mainly aerobics with some strength training for your arms and your legs as well. Get in some crunches on your front abs, side torso and lower back.
After the exercise, have a glass of a whey based protein supplement mixed with milk. When eating the nuts, take your time and chew them a lot. Chewing food a long time helps your brain understand that you are filling up. You will eat less if you chew more.

If you do need another snack, try eating another apple, or dill pickles, or olives, or pickled beans, or celery sticks. All of these have few calories, but are filling.

The amazing thing is that you are never hungry on this diet, and you lose weight. TV dinners are the main course of this diet because you know exactly how many calories that you are eating. And many TV dinners taste really good - if you are single, you are probably eating them already anyway.

The easiest way to prepare the lunch vegetables is to buy them frozen - you can use most any frozen medley of frozen vegetables as well. Take a few frozen vegetables and put them in the microwave on high for 60 seconds. Put it into a zip-loc sandwich bag, with some salt and pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and ? teaspoon of vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. The vegetables should be al-dente - that means that the vegetables are firm - if you have waxed beans in the mix, they should squeak a bit when you bite down on them. Do not over-cook the vegetables or they are not as good for your diet. (Please note that fresh vegetables would be slightly better, but chances are you will use so little each day that you will be throwing a lot away.)

Limit yourself to two cups of caffeinated beverage before lunch only. Do not have caffeinated drinks after lunch. Why? It's because caffeine works against any diet. Drinking caffeinated beverages or taking pills containing caffeine ultimately stimulates increased appetite for sweets and fatty foods. Caffeine triggers a roller coaster ride of elevated blood sugar and stress hormones that inhibits people's ability to stick to their diet regime. Another good reason to give up caffeine is that you will sleep better at night and that really helps you lose weight.

On Wednesday night, eat out at a restaurant - someplace that serves satisfying but not huge portions. Have a pint of beer or a couple of glasses of wine.

On the Weekend, Dump the Diet (mostly) - The best thing is that on the weekend you can pretty much eat what you want, but chances are you will not gorge yourself anyway. Lets not go crazy on this, but you can eat the types of food that you normally will at family outings anyway. And I'm sorry, but that does not mean you can drink a 6 pack of beer either.

And remember the key secret of dieting - do not keep eating until you are full, eat only until you are not hungry anymore!

Watch the booze though, a couple of drinks one or two days a week is fine, but regular consumption of booze every day will blow any diet in a hurry because your body metabolizes booze straight to fat. Stay away from sweet mixes and fancy cocktails. It is best to mix liquor with water if you want to minimize the negative impact.

So why does this diet work?
a) Calories are controlled most of the time.
b) The apple makes you less hungry because of the action of the pectin
c) The mix of nuts and raisins and the granola bar snacks help keep your blood sugar even all day so you do not get the munchies
d) The exercise regime and walking faster helps you burn off calories.
e) Less caffeine in your system helps regulate your metabolism, and helps you sleep at night where your stronger muscles help your body continue to lose weight while you sleep.
f) Water flushes waste products out of your system thus improving the effectiveness of the diet.
g) The rigor in the diet, coupled with some food intake change-ups a couple of times a week, keeps our bodies from adjusting to the lower food intake regime that normally cause people to plateau in other diets.

In exercise, it has been discovered in the last few years that 'muscle confusion' (changing up exercise patterns regularly) is the best way to develop the best-muscled body you can have. Similarly, 'eating confusion' is necessary to keep your body from adjusting to a lower intake of food so as to develop the best weight of body that you can have.

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