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Embarrassing but Fun Dating Stories

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Dating Stories

Everyone has heard them before, often a topic at parties, and sometimes a way of trading war stories with a potential new partner. These are some of the most entertaining stories that we have ever encountered. The names have been changed for privacy reasons, but the situations are actually real. You just can't dream up stuff like this. 
Also included here is some interesting information about dating in general. Some of it will surprise you, and some will likely just confirm your intuition.
In any event, see the links below for an inexpensive way to pass some time, expand your horizons, or just to have a laugh:


When Good Intentions Go Bad 

Although this happened a few years ago, it is still an experience worth passing on. Although it was embarrassing at the time, the humor of the situation makes it a story worth telling. Read on for more about this sex product warning!

My Yellow Bananas 

One of my friends spilled my messenger address to this guy, and surprisingly, I found myself chatting with him for a couple of months. At that point it just seemed natural for us to meet for lunch to see where our budding relationship might go. He lived over 100 miles away from me, so it was quite a commitment on his part to meet me at my house. Imagine my surprise when he showed up in an old truck. We are not talking ?classic car? here, we are talking JUNKER. My loser detector went on full alert! Click here to continue with this crazy dating story.

Meanderings of One Young Woman 

 This story originates from my first three years in the working world.I was working in a small town store that sold stereos, television sets, pianos, organs, and appliances. I had been married quite recently and could not afford to do much after work. It was a large store for a small town, but even so, there were only five staff involved in sales. Read More Here about bimbos who date!

Chat Online And Find Love 

A guy I've known all my life has never had any good luck, one afternoon when we were kids he climbed a huge tree that looked like a totem pole in the neighbors yard and ?you guessed it? he got stuck up there. Click here to read more about how chat dating changed my cousin's life.

Hey Those Look Like My Panties! 

I was still in college and was really looking forward to going out with this great looking guy that I had the hots for. To me this was going to be the date that topped all dates before, so it was very important to me to make a great impression on him Read more of how this college date worked out!


High Tech Dating Sites Worked For Me

 I was in my early 50's and recently divorced. Because of my age, I really did not give it any chance of success, but I did it just to cover my bases. In my opinion, online dating was for younger people who knew more about technology. Computers and I did not get along very well at that stage of my life. See more about this woman's online dating experience here!

Black Singles 

The Internet has introduced a degree of freedom of expression that is unprecedented in human history. This has a couple of facets that result. The first is that the platform is a perfect soap box for fanatics and hate mongers. Fortunately there are also no barriers when it comes to positive portrayals of sex, race or creed. Click to see more about dating black singles ...

Women Find Happy Guys Unattractive 

So the University of British Columbia (that is in the great white north), did a study of just over 1000 people divided evenly between men and women of all ages, and found some rather surprising results. See what women want in men survey results here!

BDSM Dating Sites 

BDSM Dating Sites is not for everyone. For those not in the know, BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism. If that gives you an image of people slapping each other black and blue, you need to understand that BDSM is not meant to be that physically abusive.   To Read more about the BDSM Lifestyle, click here! 

Beach Date 

 You just gotta love the beach. It is a relaxing place to be, and everyone is their to have a good time. It?s a great place to bring a girl for a date.   Click here to read more about your beach date! 

Sex and The Great Outdoors 

Almost everyone who has dated in during the summer months has found themselves in the great outdoors, at some point, communing with nature. Whether that means camping or staying at a cottage, there will be many romantic moments as you enjoy yourself out in 'the wilds'. All the fresh air and sunsets are likely to boost your libido significantly, and get yourself and your partner in a sensual state of mind.  To read more about dating in the outdoors please click here!

So What Good Are Dating Sites Anyway? 

They are dynamite if you are willing to be open and look outside of your normal comfort zone for possible matches. If you are not successful finding someone the normal way, it is often because you are just looking in the wrong places. Dating sites are amazing in the one single fact that everyone on them is looking to date. You do not have to prequalify each introduction with a lot of tap dancing trying to figure out if the person you are talking to is looking for someone. Read more about the benefits of online dating sites here!

Adult Chat Line 

Do you know what a chat line is? They are essentially a way for people to communicate, either by phone, or via video chatting online. Some services will allow you to chat with several people at once. Click here to find out more about Chatting with people.

Chinese Online Sites  

When both people in a potential dating relationship are Chinese, they are well aware of Chinese culture conventions. However, when one is Chinese and one is from a different background, conflicts are inevitable and need to be discussed upfront before they become an issue. Click here for more info about dating Chinese people.

BBW Sexy Ladies
 Everyone has their own standards of sexy. The idea of sexy has many different meanings to individual people. As society has changed, the boundaries have been pushed, tested, stretched and shattered where the concept of sexy is concerned. Follow this link to read more about BBW women in society!

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