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SexCereal Improves Your Sex Life Without Drugs

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Improve Your Sex Drive Naturally

The biggest draws for medical research are focused on the following areas. The the elixir of life, and sexual stamina. Ponce De Leon sailed to the new world in search of the fountain of youth.

In the last fifty years, international pharmaceutical companies trying to enhance sexual performance created a couple of brand new pills, Viagra and Cialis. Although these drugs are known to work, they do zip to improve your life expectancy. In fact, there have been many instances of many men dying with a smile on their faces.

Traditional medicine, on the other hand, with tens of thousands of years of word of mouth secrets, also has quite a few tricks for improving sex drive. In fact, these folklore cures were often at the root of many drug companies miracle cures in the twentieth century. In the last twenty years, those older herbal cures have seen a renaissance as the sixties counter culture generation aged. This has resulted in a boom in over the counter herbal remedies sold through many natural health shops.

SexCereal is a product that is a child of the natural herbal medicine industry. All of the ingredients of SexCereal are designed to improve your health and well being.

For the guys, the following contents are provided:

Rolled oats and bran, sunflower seeds, coconut sugar, flax seeds, chia seeds, cranberries (sweetened with apple juice), goji berries, almond, cacao beans, ginger ground, camu camu, powder of maca and bee pollen. This combination is not only very nutritious, but it also encourages the production of testosterone as well. But above and beyond all these benefits, cocoa has been shown to help mean live longer. So this product has two major benefits. It gives you more sex stamina, and you will live a longer life to have more sex. What could be better than that?

For The Fairer Sex, the formula is somewhat different:

Oat bran, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, flax, sugar from coconut, cranberries, almond, dried gojii berries,chia,  ground cocoa, ginger root, and ground maca.

These ingredients are optimized to support good health and optimal estrogen levels. But as an added side benefit, it helps rid you of a flabby stomach. So your physical self will be better able to handle the rigors of increased sex, and you will slinkier and sexier chassis to positively guarantee that you have more opportunities to take advantage of that improved sexual ability!

Although at first glance, the individual cereals look the same, the female formula has slightly more fat in it, and the male formula has more fiber. There are also some small changes in the amounts of omega 3, omega 6, and monounsaturated fats. Camu camu is the key difference in the male cereal. It comes from Peru and is widely used there to improve general health and male sexual vitality.

Sadly, there has been no conclusive evidence that eating cocoa increases the life span of females. But even so, most women will still outlive men by several years.

But does it taste palatable?

The most surprising thing about this cereal is that it does indeed pass the taste test with flying colors! Over the years, I have grown accustom to the old adage of healthy food. They tasted like bilge sediment from the bottom of a boat. Yuck!!  This stuff is so yummy to taste that you will likely eat more than you should.

So in conclusion, what we have is a product that not only improves your sex drive, it also improves your life expectancy (at least for men). Man's quest for the secret of perpetual youth is finally fulfilled.

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