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Improve Your Self Esteem For Dating Success

By James Howlett

The rules of dating have changed over the years, but men are still usually expected to make the first move. Because of this, self-confidence and self esteem are not only optimal - they are an absolute must.

Need proof? Notice who women tend to be attracted to. You will see that most women are obviously turned off by men that lack self confidence. Women are very sensitive to this type of thing. Good self-esteem and confidence is a real turn on to a woman.

So here's how seven words can help you to make yourself more irresistible to women. Before you meet your date or even before you ask her out say these words to yourself... "I love myself and I am irresistible". You probably think it's stupid, but it works! Positive thinking and affirmations can change your whole life if you let them. These ideas are behind the success of men such as Tony Robbins and others who have built multimillion dollar businesses out of teaching such simple self affirmation techniques. Almost all major sports teams and Olympic teams use self affirmation and goal visualization training.

Positive thinking, and repeating the message to yourself several times each day, will start to super-charge your self esteem and make you feel more confident. Think of how many times a day you put yourself down in some way by some sort of negative thinking, especially around beautiful women. While you are thinking positively about yourself, also visualize yourself in the arms of the woman that you are most attracted to as well.

It is important to do the exercise this technique each day for at least a week. The more you use this self affirmation idea the more stunning the results. When repeating your affirmation, it is very important to really feel in your body just how you are irresistible. How would you stand and talk and what would your body language be like? Really start to feel in your body what an irresistible man is like.

Repeating this self confidence technique each day will actually transform not only your mind but your body as well, since your body adapts to the messages your mind is sending. When you are self confident and it shows in your body, women will be attracted to you and not even know why. So start using this simple self confidence technique and increase your self-esteem and confidence. It will truly affect your life for the better and lead to more dating success.

Just remember: "I love myself and I am irresistible".

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