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How To Be A Porn Star In Bed!


by Tara Maclay

My friends and I regularly get together for girls night out, to have a couple of drinks, a few laughs, and a thorough bitch session about the men we are dating, or have hooked up with. One topic that came up recently was Porn. How guys watch it and seem to LOVE it, and how we, as woman who were of the non-Porn Star variety felt a little less.... well.... good at sex. Whether you hate that your guy watches porn or opt to watch it with him, you aren't likely to get him to stop watching (if he tells you he has stopped - he's lying and hiding it). The mystique of Porn-stars can be overwhelming, but I think us sexy-but-not-pro gals need to take heart and just learn from the pros. So for all you non-pro gals who wish you could mesmerize your man like his favorite xxx Star these tips are for you!!!!

Tip #1 Be Passionate! And Show it!
Many of us have been taught that sex is not a high priority, so when your guy wants to do the horizontal tango, you make excuses or treat it like another chore on your to-do list. Get over it! Sex is hot! Enjoy what feels good without reservation - show your partner how excited you are by egging them on with sexy talk and gyrating movements. Take the initiative! Wake him up with a blow-job. Send him a naughty text message midway through the day. In bed, get into the moment by looking into his eyes and telling him how eager you are to be with him.

Tip #2 Speak Up!

Your bedroom business hardly leaves you invigorated, but you're scared that any attempt to spice things up will make you seem like a tramp. Toss the dated worries — liking sex doesn't make you a hussy; it makes you human. Tell him how much you enjoy it when he kisses that special spot, or mention something you're craving in the heat of the moment! Just asking for something new can be a huge turn-on for both partners. Pop open a bottle of wine and initiate a little game of truth-or-dare. Or surprise him with a spicy flick and point out the scenes you'd be open to trying. There's a good chance he'd like to experiment, too, but is keeping it to himself because he doesn't want to freak YOU out.

Tip #3 Love Your Body!

You hate your hips, your backside is less than baby-smooth, blah, blah, blah. You know the spiel. Get over it NOW! Men love sex! Period. Exclamation point! Your man is in heaven when your thighs are wrapped around him, dimples and all. He would never forgo what feels good to accommodate something as silly as a body insecurity or two. If it makes you feel better, illuminate the bedroom, living room or even kitchen with candles, which give a soft glow that glides over perceived imperfections. Give him the visualization he craves and get off on the fact that you are the reason for every moan and squirm your man makes!

Tip #4 Get to Know Yourself!

Are you someone who finds masturbation embarrassing or shameful, so you rarely try it (and never admit to it when you do). Work it out, and then give yourself a laying down (or whatever position works for you) workout! Figure out what works for you by caressing your thighs, breasts and everything in between. Not knowing what feels good is like taking a cross-country road trip without a map! You'll get to know what you like better by taking yourself out for a test drive and then you can give better directions when you are in a road trip for two! Tip #5 Get a New Saucier Script! Your pillow talk doesn't get much racier than a few "oh, baby's" tossed in with a few "you feel so good's." Men are competitive by nature, and they love to know they are the best at whatever it is they're doing, including you. Porn-stars know that just hearing a female verbally tap into the action is enough to make him explode. An added bonus is to start using all that know-how from your solo trips and start telling him what to do in very direct terms. A HUGE benefit for you. Trust me - your smile will never be brighter! If you are having some trouble, get a little more comfy with the saucy talk by writing down some sexy thoughts and reading them out loud alone a few times. In bed, start small by giving him a play-by-play of the action, telling him what he's doing to you or asking questions such as, "Do you like it when I [insert verb here] you?"

Tip #6. Dress the Part!

Your weekend look of sweats and ponytails has become as fun as your weekly date with the treadmill. Sound exciting? Yeah, time to up the ante. Men are visual creatures (that's why porn babes are in business!). These gals work this to their advantage and don sexy lingerie and even keep their heels on during, all to enhance the experience. Slip on a thong underneath your yoga pants, or meet him at home in nothing but heels and a great hairdo. Surprising him with something new will show him that he's worth the effort, which will spark his heart as well give him a 'rise'.

Tip #7 Fantasize!

You'd never admit to daydreaming about being intimate with two men or kissing another woman, even if you do - and the thought of your man having a sex dream about Jessica Alba in bed is enough to bring you to tears. Let your inner animal out! Don't judge the desires of your partner or take offense at what turns him on. Just because your guy fantasizes about a threesome doesn't mean he doesn't love you or even that he would want to participate in one in real life. As long as the boundaries of your relationship are maintained, fantasizing is a healthy aspect of sexuality - for BOTH of you. Try verbal exploration! Talk him through a threesome or ask him to pretend he's a stranger. Sharing these kinds of experiences will not only spark amazing sex, but they will also build trust and intimacy, which is always sexy. Discuss boundaries beforehand (some couples have a code word to signal the other to stop when acting out scenarios), and remember, comfort is key, so don't participate in anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Tip #8 Explore NEW Territory!
You have an idea of what works for your guy, which is why you do it again and again and… B.O.R.I.N.G! Your partner has dozens of hot buttons — from his toes to the back of his neck - and half the fun is finding out what works and what doesn't. Gently pinch or bite his nipples or kiss his chest and stroke his stomach gently with your nails. When you go below-the-belt, pay attention to all parts of the package by gently tracing his scrotum with your tongue or pressing on his perineum (the area between his penis and his anus). See how he reacts - go for it more when he enjoys and back off when he doesn't.

Tip #9 Be Good to Yourself!

You're tired and overworked, and you haven't been to the gym in ages. You'd love to get your hair done and take that Spinning class, but you promised you'd run errands for your mother (again). Don't deprive yourself! Make self-maintenance and self-care a high priority. Whether it's a manicure, a blow-out or just slathering on a luxurious cream before bed, do something that makes you feel and look good more than once a week. Feeling like you're worth the splurge will not only boost your confidence, it will make you glow -  and that's hotter than any bustier on the market.

Tip #10 It's Give and TAKE!

You perform oral sex as a "gift" for whatever special day, or tell him that if he's good, you'll let him try a new position. Sexual desire is not a male-specific attribute, nor is it something that should be rationed. In fact, it's practically as essential to a full life as food, water and shelter. Porn-stars do things they know their partner will enjoy, while asking for what they want in return. No one wants to feel like they are being manipulated or treated like a charity case, so keep the bureaucracy out of the bedroom. Find out what your partner likes, and as long as you are comfortable with it, give it to him generously. The only "requirement" you should have is that he reciprocate on the same level. His taking out the trash isn't a reason to give him a blow-job -  your turning him on is.

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