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Pole Dancing Foreplay

By Sherry Stoner

 A few years ago pole dancing became a new fitness craze. I'm not talking about what happens in strip clubs - that's been popular for decades. I mean housewives and working single women, like you and I who plugged into gym classes that combined cardiac and aerobic fitness exercise with the sensual moves of pole dancers. Husbands and lovers cheered the fad, I know my boyfriend at the time did.

Women who developed the physical stamina to lift and hold their body weight while adopting and maintaining erotic moves reported firmly toned bodies and rejuvenated sex lives.

I decided to take a few classes and I have to admit, not only do they tighten and tone but they make you feel sexy and confident in ways I never thought I would. The classes are relaxed and no one cares what you look like, there was every age, size and background. Classes were small and designed for an almost one on one feel. Instructors were encouraging and helpful and knew their stuff.

A few of these classes and I was ready to show off some of my moves to a guy I was seeing. The right music, comfy chair and great lingerie all help, but the reaction I received was more then I could have hoped for and boosted my ego and libido 1000 times greater then anything I could have imagined. That night's sex was fantastic and now I have a pole (yes you can buy the poles from ebay or any reputable sex shop) installed in my bedroom, that I practice on regularly, to keep my moves graceful, my body tight, and just for the fun of it. Not everyone is comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality and trust me this is the perfect way to get in touch with it. You will feel like you have accomplished more in a 1 hour class then you will in 8 hours of hard labor.

This is all about being at home with our body and with our sexuality. I can honestly say I don't know anyone who is comfortable - truly comfortable - with their body. So ingrained is the Hollywood hype and impossible standards in our society, that many women, no matter what their shape or size, are often more critical of their body than happy with it. And of course if we were to be totally happy with our body, then we are chastised for our vanity. So let's consider it a given that we all have body issues.

We can either wait to have fun with sex until we become tall, thin, young, and beautiful (which with TV, magazines and diet ads and plastic surgery we are all encouraged to do). or we can recognize this angst for what it is and just go out and have fun now! Personally I don't want to wait and I don't think anyone should ... no one will ever be perfect and why should you be, be happy with who you are and strut your stuff for the world to see. When you are confident it shows in your manner, walk and work. Besides if everyone was perfect, the world would be a pretty boring place to be.

So back on topic. Dancing for our lovers means owning our body and offering it willingly, by choice and with intent. It reeks of animal desire. We risk rejection. Many women have little practice with acting sexy, but it's good for us. And when we shoot our lover a sultry look, lock eyes, and purr - when we slither our body over our partner's in a manner that leaves no doubt as to our libidinous intentions.

When we dance and spin and abandon our body to the thrill of desire and anticipation, then we will have captured the essence of what makes strip clubs the multimillion dollar industry they are. And we can do that at home with someone we love who loves us in return, without the high cost of going out for a night on town. We don't have to have a size four body. We don't need a gym membership at a place with windows overlooking a busy street. We don't even need a pole. We need a saucy attitude, some costumes, and overflowing desire. Then we need to face our fears and dance our way to bliss. We'll feel liberated, and our partner will feel wanted. So don't wait, get out there, do it now and have the time of your life...your man will thank you later...trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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