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Online Dating is not that much different than normal dating once you get to know the person. The main difference is in the way that you meet. In most instances where you meet someone, you meet through friends. It is not many people who can walk up to someone in a public venue, introduce themselves, and then strike up a conversation. Most people rely on friends to help them to meet other people. In a typical scenario, you are at a public function with a few people that you know and a few that you do not know. In most public functions, there are group conversations. During these conversations you start to interact with someone you do not know. At some point you realize that you have some interests in common, and you may start to interact with this new acquaintance on a more one-to-one basis. Thus friendships are born. If at any time you wonder about the truth of what they are saying, or have any concerns about the type of person that they are, you can fall back on your known friends to ask them what they know about this person. Are they trustworthy or are they a blow hard? Are they really a nice person, or have they been charged with stalking people? This is how most people have met for thousands of years. It is a somewhat slow, but a tried and true process. With Internet dating, most of your ability to meet friends of friends is gone. Online dating sites are anonymous for the most part, and for good reason. Dating sites do not want you to use your real name because they want you to have to keep coming back to the site to meet and interact with people, as they get a fair portion of their revenue from advertisements they display to you when you are on the site. This is especially true for 100% Free Online Dating Sites as advertising is their only source of revenue. If you use your real name, it is fairly easy for people to contact you outside of the website. For an entirely different reason, most people do not want to use their real name on a website. Their primary concern is security. If someone does not know your real name, they are much less likely to find you in real life if you do not want them to. Now that you are totally horrified at the prospect of online dating, you will be reassured to know that online dating is safer than walking down many city streets. Your standard street smarts will get you through most situations you would run into on an internet dating site. Lets talk about some other important topics:

Online Dating in Other Countries

If you are located in a different country and you want to know the best dating sites to use, then you may or may not have a challenge in front of you. Although many dating sites purport to be international, few actually are. The good thing is that if you are in an English speaking country, or you are English speaking, you will have a far greater degree choice than people speaking other languages or from countries where people are not predominately English speaking. You will find some interesting idiosyncrasies if you are English speaking and from a non North American Culture though. People from the Americas think that the world revolves around them alone. That can lead to some interesting cultural differences showing up when dating. If you are English speaking from the United Kingdom - UK, you will find the colony perspective and choice of words amusing and confusing at times. When it comes to autos which they call cars, they will use 'bumper' instead of 'fender' and they use 'fender' instead of 'wing'. Very strange. In any event, the larger North American centric dating sites all have a substantial presence in all of the English speaking countries of the world. These include:
They also have a substantial presence in countries where English is frequently spoken as a language of commerce:
Lets not forget the Totally Free Dating category: totally free dating
And bringing up the end are a bunch of dating marketing terms covering anything from local dating to women free dating: complete free dating sites

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Online Dating

Look for someone new in your life by using one of the following top rated online dating sites.

All of these online dating sites have large collections of active classified personals ads and dating profiles of people like you who want to make a change in their love life. Most of these sites offer free trials so give it a whirl!

For those of you looking for something edgier, please look at our Adult Personals page, or perhaps even check out our swingers page.


PassionSearch.com is one of the newest and most active sites on the Internet. Just officially launched in 2009, it has rapidly gained a reputation as being the place for women to be at. If you are a woman looking for a man, you are going to get more action here than on any other mainstream dating site on the web today. This system has a lot of class in how it is styled, but even better is the results. Join Passionsearch now!


This is one of the first online dating sites on the internet. It caters to a wide variety of people, but is very tastefully done with respect to layout and features. Fill out some basic information about yourself, upload your photo, and write an attention-grabbing headline and essay. Now other members can email you. There is no cost for this - you don't need to pay anything. Once inside Date.com, you can search the database of millions of singles. Search by location, age, interests, and 100 other personal preferences. Show Interest in other members by just clicking a button. All of this is free. When you decide that you are ready for more personal contact, simply upgrade to a Gold Membership and communicate with millions of members via IM, email, or chat.


FriendFinder is the largest online dating personals site with 5,670,884 registered members and award-winning content. This site is targeted toward singles looking for love, romance, and even marriage. With so many people on this free dating site you are sure to find a match. Join now and take your time selecting!


Chemistry has a unique profile matching system. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions, but it is worth it. But make sure you do not lie if you want it to work for you. With matching criteria created by Dr. Helen Fisher, Chemistry has scientific methodology integral in it's programs. This is not just a run of the mill dating site. It is truly different. Join now and see the quality of this site.


LAVALIFE is a top international online dating site with exceptional online personals presence in the US, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA. They host over 15 million members worldwide. Lavalife, is just as much about lifestyle as it is about dating. Consequently, Lavalife has a unique promise to provide members the opportunity to celebrate their single life. Offering 3 distinct communities — Dating, Relationship, and Intimate — Lavalife encourages members to socialize with like-minded singles based on their individual needs and desires. You will find your best opportunities come when you signup, post pictures and upgrade your membership. We have already cleared this terrific dating site for you, so do not hesitate to join and invest a few dollars in your future happiness.


Matchmaker is a site truly geared to finding serious relationships. It has many small communities connected together with a common database so that members are part of a much larger, global network of single people. Matchmaker uses the robust Date.com online dating platform so you can also tap into that database of people as well. More members means more opportunities to meet your best match. They have many features you might be interested in - basic and advanced search, instant messenger, chat (with video capability), pointed advice and many well focused articles. They also have this great newsletter called Cupid that shows you pictures of singles from your area that you will likely be compatible with. If you don't have a chance to log in frequently, this is a great way to see some new people that you may want to meet. If that is not enough, they are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have a strong commitment to making sure that all members on the site are of the highest quality so that you have a superior dating experience. This is an exceptional free online dating site.

Metro Date

Metro date.com is one of the premier places on or off the Internet for single adults to meet. Single adults who understand how frustrating it can be to meet quality people are the ones who created Metrodate.com in the first place, so they understand your needs. Metro Date provides an easy-to-use, highly effective, low-cost service that will assist members in making compatible connections in their respective cities. Join Now to find people in your Metropolitan area.


More people find love on Match.com than anywhere else. Be next! Everyday, 60,000 singles join Match.com. And every one of those people is looking for love just like you are. So sign up and see how fun contacting other people in a no-pressure place can be. After all, emailing, Instant Messaging and winking is cheaper than dinners and drinks. With the largest mainstream online dating service on the internet you will soon find out why more people have started long lasting relationships on Match.com than any other dating site. Join Now, you will not be sorry!


If you ever wondered where to meet rich people, this is the place. Sugardaddie.com is one of the best matchmaking sites for successful, rich and famous men and beautiful women. They have thousands of successful and attractive members who recognize that life is there to be lived to the full. Go for the Gold! Join Sugardaddy.com today.

Anastasia Web

Anastasia Web is rather unique in the dating world. The purpose is to match women in Europe with men living in North America. You do not have to speak the lanquage, as all correspondence is translated by professional translators. You have the opportunity to communicate with beautiful ladies, who have been verified and selected out of tens of thousands of applicants and many of whom are looking for someone like you. Your personal profile will be seen by thousands of Russian and Ukrainian brides and many will take the opportunity to write to you first. Anastasia International has existed since 1993.

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