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How To Meet Girls Online

by James Howlett

Times have changed and life is busier and more hectic. It's a brand new world out there with many more risks and consequences. Between working longer and longer hours, after work routines and workouts, and keeping up with friends and family, it can be hard to find someone who fits the mold you are looking for.

That is where online dating comes into play! And no don't roll our eyes, or scoff at the suggestion. It's time to let go of any stigma you might have about dating online. It's the 21rst century and it's time for you to climb aboard and enjoy the ride. Besides, meeting someone online can allow you to meet someone you never would have met if you left it to just hanging out at neighborhood haunts, and night clubs. Online dating is changing the way things are done. Period. It's fast, it's easy, it provides tons of like minded people to select from,  and you will be surprised at how effective it is.

Start by realizing that you have to go to a dating site to fill out some very basic and non-intrusive information about yourself. Also realize that like any ad -- you need to sell yourself!  Don't get lazy about writing your profile - the more work you put into it, and the better it sounds the more responses you'll get, and even more important the quality of those responses will be the BIG payoff.

Some things to remember when putting up your profile:
- Errors
- Check your profile for any errors. It sounds odd, however, there are many men/women alike who say that a poorly spelled or grammatically incorrect profile is definitely a turn off. 90% of online profiles contain errors, make sure yours does not!
- Pictures
- You will also need to make sure that you have a great photo posted with those pearly whites showing. Everybody loves a good smile and profiles that do not have a picture are usually ignored.
- Take the Initiative
- Don't be shy. The internet is taking away that first awkward introduction. You can forget about the communication barriers that have held you back before and let people know who you really are. In other words, BE OPEN and BE HONEST.

And just to make sure you're ready for the dating jungle of online dating here are some tips for after you have your profile up and you start getting responses:

1) Make sure that you have a great attitude towards those who try to meet you, as well as those you try to meet. You will have more fun and you'll meet more people by showing the great attitude that you have. Besides, nobody likes a bore or an ass. 

2) You also need to make sure that you are ready for this type of fun. Meeting someone online is definitely an easy way for you to find someone who shares your same likes and dislikes in many areas.

3) Be prepared and open to meet someone. As the old saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait."

4) Don't expect to find "The one and only"? right away. Get to know people and go on some fun dates. The more experience you have with meeting people online, the more you will understand what works for you.

5) Make yourself a goal to date 100 women. With this goal (which is easy to meet in a year) you avoid setting yourself up for failure and increase the chance of meeting someone amazing, and at the least you will have a GREAT year. And finally, what you have been waiting for the best tips I have for achieving that goal of dating 100 women.

6) When you do your initial search go to search for women, keep your first pass to your local area only (you can always increase it later). Try and introduce yourself to at least 5-10 new women per week. Once you have exhausted options in your town you can increase the radius of your search.

7) After you have found 5-10 women in your area, you can then try to contact them. Send them an e mail, send them an instant message, send them whatever! The point here, is to make contact. And remember be nice, be funny, be yourself!

8) Make a personal email template that you send out to the women you chose. Honestly, it's not to hard. Just write up a quick intro email, cut and copy it, then save it to your desktop. This email will help you to save a lot of time when introducing yourself and you can spend time writing one quality top notch note than dozens of short ones that won't get the ladies attention.

9) As soon as you get a response, you need to be on the ball and respond back. Women love men who show that they are interested, that they are attentive and are self-assured. Don't respond within the first five minutes (you are not desperate, and if you are, you don't want them to know that) but respond back within a day or two. Ensure that your reply is at least three paragraphs long!

10) When you do find someone that you share a great interest in, make sure to set up a phone call and then a date. Do not even think seriously about an online relationship until at least three dates. Plan to set something up and go on that DATE! Remember to be you and to have fun.

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