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Move Slow -- Get Fat

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Move Slow -- Get Fat

It is almost always possible to pick the children that will end up being overweight as adults.
In the United States, it is all of them (LOL).

If you think about it though, you will probably understand where this is going. Many children who are actually very thin as adolescents end up ballooning in their twenties or thirties, and wonder how it happened. If you look at these children, you will notice one significant tendency. They are "slow pokes". If think about some of the overweight friends that you have known for a long time, you will likely see this same pattern in most. These people do not have to eat "too much" and are not seen as gluttons, but in their own way, they are. They are eating more than they need (eat more than what they are burning off,) and that is a corollary definition of gluttony.

The Vicious Slow Circle Slow pokes move slowly for a number of reasons:
1) A few are injured or have some sort of bona-fide ambulatory problem.
2) Some just like to slow down and look at the scenery.
3) Others just do not like to sweat
4) Some do not get enough sleep, and therefore lack energy(see the sleep apnea article)
5) Still others do not like moving quickly for any reason.

Regardless of the reason, they move too slowly to burn off the amount of food that they eat. As weight starts to add up, they find it harder and harder to hustle, until pretty soon it is impossible to hustle. No matter how much they diet at this point, they cannot seem to dig their way out of this hole. It takes months and even years to lose 100 pounds, so they are seldom able to shed their weight problem.

The best thing would be to prevent the weight build up in the first place but that is not always possible.

 If you have young children or friends that you see falling into this trap, then do what you can to encourage them to go about their daily lives with a purpose. Walk more, walk quickly, and walk for longer distances. If you are an adult with a weight problem, then prevention is not the answer.

Busting the Slow Circle

Here is some advice to make it possible for you to lose a lot of weight if you have found yourself in this "slow circle" dilemma. The good news is that overweight people have a lot of muscle under the bulk. The problem is that the muscle is not being seriously engaged enough, so it is not burning calories while you are resting. The key is to self train yourself to move more quickly, and engage your muscles so that they burn energy at rest.

You can do this as follows:
1) Start to move around faster - this is hard to do if you are really overweight, so seek alternatives until you can get your weight down to a manageable level that allows you to walk more freely. The best alternative is an exercise bike, because there is no load on your knees, hips and ankles other than that necessary for exercise. Do not just go through the motions! You have to pedal against stiff resistance at about 20 miles per hour for 20 minutes a day 3 to 4 days a week to do any good for a man; 16 to 17 miles per hour for a woman. Work your way up to this speed. If you are having trouble staying motivated, then we recommend going to a gym that has pursuit bikes. These are a type of stationary bike that is a cross between a stationary bike and a video game. They have the normal resistance adjustments, but the advantage is that they have a screen with a simulated track on it, with other riders. When you start they have a pacer to set the pace. In some models, they keep track of your progress on their servers, and on subsequent rides, you can race against your own previous best ride. This engages your competitive instinct and you are more likely to excel with these types of bikes. See to see what this is all about.
2) Go to a gym. If you are embarrassed about your weight, then we recommend a smaller gym that is accessible at all hours. We like gyms, but there are many others that have a similar small venue as their business model. Why go to a gym? Largely because they have equipment that can be used to target specific muscle groups that do not involve excessive load on already stressed knee and ankle joints. This tends to minimize discomfort, make it more likely that you will keep exercising, and therefore maximize the weight-loss benefits.
3) If you can afford it, hire a personal trainer for advice at the gym. It is expensive, but you will likely have much better success if you use the knowledge of a personal trainer to help you come to grips with your specific problems. As a side benefit, they will teach you how to do exercises in the most effective manner. Even if you use a personal trainer sparingly, they will help you pick up on sloppiness that has slipped into your execution of exercises since the last time they have worked with you.

No matter the reason for being overweight in the first place, there are ways to get to a more normal weight. Many people fail because they are just going about it all wrong. Follow the advice above and maximize your potential for success.

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