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Weight Loss Without Exercise.

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Simple Weight Loss With Matcha Tea

The Benefits of Matcha Tea

I discovered matcha tea a short time ago while visiting, and decided to look into it further.

Matcha tea is rich in catechins which can protect against cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, and reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood. It can increase your metabolism by as much as 35% to 40% which helps weight loss, and because of its high chlorophyll content it also detoxifies.

I have worked out fairly extensively at home three times a week for years now. Besides keeping myself toned and fit, I have routinely exercised to keep my genetic predisposition to high cholesterol under control. Unfortunately I had reached a point where my exercise regime had stopped working for me. In fact, as I increased the intensity of my regime trying to lose weight I found that I kept hurting myself. I ended up joining a gym a few months ago to see if the better equipment would help me achieve my goals.

The key phrase that attracted me to matcha tea was increasing my metabolism by 35% to 40%, but I was also interested in the promise of cholesterol improvement. Besides the goal of weight loss, I am always on the lookout for anything that will help my cholesterol issues because I would like to reduce the prescription drugs that I am on. I decided to add matcha tea to my daily regime to see if perhaps I could shed those pounds a tad more quickly and see if my cholesterol numbers would improve as well. T

he hardest part for me was getting past the clumpy texture. The clumpy texture is caused by the fact that you are actually ingesting the ground leaves. Because you have to also consume the tea leaves, Matcha Tea is not a tea in the normal sense of the word.

Matcha Tea - The Results

In two months I lost a total of 8 pounds. Mind you I do workout extensively, so I could not credit all my success to the matcha tea. I had also recommended matcha tea to a few people who I knew were just trying to lose weight. Each of these people have each lost 2-3 pounds since starting the matcha, and none of them are actively working out. Now that is results that are worth noting.

I have to admit that before I started using the matcha I still had problems trying to shed a few unwanted pounds even though I was working out three to four times a week. Now I have decided to continue using the matcha as part of my healthier regime. And why shouldn't I? After all its not just about what I can lose, but also what I am gaining from all the benefits it provides. As far as the cholesterol is concerned, it is a bit too early to tell, but my last tests came in a bit better than usual, so I am cautiously optimistic that I am seeing some improvement in this area as well.

Kim Kovaks

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