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Female Ejaculation Tips

By Roger Ross

I have found that most women do not know how to orgasm, while others need nothing more then a simple touch to reach the ultimate heights of orgasm. If you are really lucky you will meet those women who are capable of squirting their juices all over the bed, floor and you. Although I'd like to believe that every woman is capable of reaching such heights of sexual ecstasy, unfortunately, there are many women out there who disagree. And if they're not willing to open their minds to the idea of ejaculating, no matter how hard you try to convince them then that's their prerogative. Nevertheless, if you've got yourself a woman who is very sexually in tune with herself, and would be willing to let you manipulate her vagina until she ejaculated all over you, then today's tip is going to leave you soaking wet.

What You Should Know Before She Starts To Squirt

A woman's ejaculate is expelled from the urethra, the same place that urine comes out from. And although studies have found that the clear liquid is not urine at all (the juice is released from the Skene's glands or urethral sponge), if your girl doesn't have complete control over her PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, there is a chance that she may actually pee all over you. If this does end up happening, be cool about it. Think about it; it's normal for her to feel as though she's about to urinate when she's about to ejaculate. If she does end up urinating, and you trip out on her, she'll never try this again. Enjoy the golden shower! Okay maybe you will not enjoy it, but whatever you do just don't freak out. Let her go with it; eventually she'll learn the difference between the sensations. And although you can manipulate her vagina all you like, if your woman is inhibited, then chances are she won't be able to reach this pinnacle of sexual satisfaction. She may even get annoyed by the feeling, so make sure she wants it.

Ready, Set, Go Okay, so she wants it. If you're about ready to start seeking the liquids, here's what you have to do:
Use Your Fingers
While there are some women who can ejaculate through clitoral stimulation, or even women who can ejaculate through other sex play (penile penetration or even breast-sucking), the most effective way to achieve this outcome is through G-spot manipulation with your hands. Start out with some foreplay and lick her clitoris first -- get her "pumped" so to speak. Once she begins to get excited, insert two fingers inside her vagina, palm facing up. But don't stop licking her clitoris (unless, of course, you can't do two things at a time). About an inch or two inside the vagina, you will likely hit a round ball of skin -- that's the G-spot. Keep stroking the area with pressure; it may start to become more solid; just keep doing what you're doing. As she begins to reach orgasm and starts to ejaculate, prepare yourself to either be greeted by a light gushing liquid or an actual drenching spray. Both are normal and the amount of liquid can reach anywhere from a teaspoon to ? cup of liquid. Have some towels handy.

Keep Getting The Goods Achieving the mighty squirt may not be as simple as described above; it may take some experimentation, persuading and different positions. As well, you may want to try stimulating other parts of her body while you head inside. For example, have her lie down on the bed, face up, and kneel next to her (your body should be facing her belly button). While your fingers are stimulating her G-spot, use your other hand and your mouth to manipulate her nipples. As well, you could also opt to rotate between penetration and finger penetration in the doggy style position. And, of course, there are women who can ejaculate through sex alone, so place her on a surface where her vagina easily meets you penetrating her, making sure only your penetration connects your bodies. And if all else fails, you can always call on a vibrator to help your woman get in touch with her juicier side.

Keep On Simulating
There's no doubt in my mind that every woman has the ability to reach incredible heights of orgasm. It's up to you to convince her to let go of her inhibitions and squirt all over you.

Until next time, get that juice

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