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Healthy Dating, Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

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Dating - Diet, Lifestyle and Health Issues - Tips and Advice

Welcome to our dating and health advice section. We will continue to add thoughtful and factual articles to help you in your day to day life, and to help you achieve the type of lifestyle that you need to have a long and fulfilling life. This part of the site has articles added regularly that focus on a healthier lifestyle. These articles are created to help you understand and modify your thinking as to your daily diet, nutritional supplements, and your sexuality
Barriers to Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
People really misunderstand their body and how it needs to be nurtured. This piece will give you some insights as to why you might have a few extra pounds that are slowly adding to your waistline.

The Role of Liquids In Health
Various liquids, especially water, are essential to our health and well being. But too much of anything can also be a bad thing. Read here about what you should be doing and why.

Simple Weight Loss with Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea has been getting a lot of press lately. Why? Because it actually boosts your metabolism a bit to help your weight loss! Read here about one real world result.

The Health and Dietary Benefits of Eating an Apple a Day
Benjamin Franklin had it right when he said, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Read more here to find out why!

The TV Dinner Diet
A truly easy and effective way for many single people to lose weight without a lot of expense. Click here to read more!

Early Death for Couch Potato!
The title says it all. Find out why it is that vegging in front of the TV will cut years from your life! Read more here!

Sleep Apnea And Fat -- Chicken or Egg - Which Comes First?
One of the great chicken and egg scenarios that has had the medical profession flummoxed for years with the debate about sleep apnea and weight gain. Find out what causes what here!

Smoking and Weight Loss
Can smoking help you lose weight? In a word, yes, but there is more to it. Read this article for some interesting insights!

Move Slow - Get Fat
Are your kids at risk of becoming obese? It is easy to spot the symptoms. Read to see if your children are at risk!

Why Diet Foods Make You Get Fat!
The diet drink and artificial (no cal) sweeteners are a weight loss scam! Find out why in this insightful article.

Preventing and Reducing Blood Pressure Problems!
Lowering your blood pressure 101!

Sex Cereal - Breakfast of Champions!
The Holy Grail of improving your sexual libido and increasing your life expectancy has been fulfilled.

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