Veggie Sex and Other Forms Of Sex On a Budget |

Veggie Sex and Other Forms Of Sex On a Budget

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Veggie Sex and Other Forms Of Sex On a Budget

Veggie Sex and Other Forms Of Sex On a Budget 

One of the best things about having sex with a new partner while dating is finding out all about their sexual kinks. The prim executive secretary in the office might like dressing up as nurse naughty. The well build, sexy hunk who started last week might want you to dominate him. Preferably in leathers and with a whip. You just cannot tell from looking at people what their kink might be. 

Take your new object of love out for a couple of drinks so that both of you are loosened up a bit. Pick your bar carefully so that you have to walk by a sex shop on the way back to your transportation. As you pass, ask if they have ever been inside one before. If not, then turn it into an adventure. Ask the clerk what everything is for. For someone who has never done anything before, then the old standbys of whipped cream and chocolate syrup are the easiest sell. More likely though, you will see them get into some of the stuff. Make sure you ask the clerk what items are for if you have never used them.  Even if you do not buy anything, it was a way to pass some giddy time.

With the constantly rising cost of living and the bad economy, purchases at a sex shop can get expensive. On top of this, it is absolutely impossible to return anything used (for obvious reasons).

So to help stretch your budget and still allow for your continued pleasure, I have prepared a list of low cost alternatives to the most widely used devices. Make sure that you check these out with a health expert. Allergies, or other problems can turn the most fun activity into a nightmare!

Sex In The Office (Or Anywhere For That Matter) 

If you are not getting enough through regular means, then try this. Set your phone on vibrate, and place it down the front of your drawers or panties. Now it is a simple matter to call your phone from another device. Hey, finally your will be able to enjoy telemarketers calling you all the time. Turn off your voice mail to maximize your pleasure! If you have two cell phones you can call yourself during meetings at work, thus keeping a pleasant smile on your face while others are nodding off. Who knows, you may even get a promotion for being so "attentive" and "upbeat".

Dildos Aplenty At The Grocery Store

Instead of spending up to a hundred dollars on a dildo at the sex shop, go to your local supermarket and choose a vegetable that you think you?ll enjoy. When you get home, simply wash it in warm water and fit it with an appropriately sized condom. Use a bit of KY jelly on it and have at it! The best options are:

  1. Cucumber ? recommended for average sized vaginas ? take the nubs off first though
  2. Carrot ? ideal for smaller ladies with tight pussies
  3. Zucchini ? the best choice for larger sized women.
  4. Baking Potato ? be careful you do not lose it up there ? the zucchini is likely more practical
  5. Sweet potato ? these can have some interesting twists for your pleasure ? select carefully for maximum entertainment.
  6. Celery ? no matter which end you use, this one will likely be disappointing. Of course now a full bunch might just substitute well if you cannot find an appropriately sized zucchini!
  7. Watermelon ? Are you insane? Maybe if you had an elephant that you had to get off!

So if you want, you can use the veggie of choice as a way to size a dildo purchase at a sex store. Either that, or else you can just keep on the veggie sex regime. The nice part about veggie sex or veggie masturbation is that if it ends up that the veggie is the wrong size, you?ve only spent a couple of bucks to learn that.

Stay out of the deli department. Anything in there is just a bad idea, no matter how tempting!

Unique Ways To Stimulate an Orgasm in a Woman

It is a published fact that many women can only achieve an orgasm by having their clitoris stimulated during sex. It is one reason why one of the hottest selling items in a sex shop are penis rings (cock rings) with built in vibrators. However, vibrators are not the only things that vibrate. Put something heavy like a running shoe in your washing machine and put it on a spin cycle. That will produce a lot of satisfying vibrations. You also have the fun of getting it off on top of the washing machine. 

For other fun, Have her hold her phone next to her clit and give her a bunch of hot, dirty crank calls, and set to ?vibrate?. This really pumps up the sexual satisfaction, and with most phone plans is dirt cheap to implement. You have to keep the phone dry, so use a condom. 

If you live in California, sex during an earthquake might actually help you to look forward to those nuisances. Add some zest on your next train ride with some sexcapades. Most trains have some interesting vibrations, rocking and rolling when in motion. When all else fails, pull out the trusty cell phone again I would not consider a roller coaster because the logistics are impossible, and just plain unsafe. Planes are only fun during a rough air, but then they turn on those pesky seat belt signs and spoil all the fun.  Driving over a washboard road while having sex in the bed of a pickup truck is redneck heaven. This takes at least one helper, or another couple so you can take turns in the bed of the truck. If doing it in the bed, I recommend a mattress, or at least a camp air mattress for more comfort. 

Yee Haw!! 

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