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Bald and Dating

By Roger Ross

So You Are Losing Your Hair - Does It Have To Be Negative?

The fact that you are going bald or are fulling bald is not a severe handicap when dating. In fact, most of the time, the handicap is in your head. Some of my best friends are bald by choice.  For many women, baldness is about as notable or differentiating as the depth of tan you have. If a woman is obsessed with dating men with full heads of hair then she could be classed as extremely shallow indeed or have an unbalanced sense of youth. What would it be like to marry such a woman and then lose your hair later? Just consider yourself lucky that it happened now so that it naturally weeds  out those women with such narrow minded world views. If a man said that he wouldn't date half the women population because their breasts were too small (or big) he would be listed a chauvinist and sexist fool. Yet daily I hear a minority of women express their interest that "my man MUST have a full head of thick shiny locks". It is as if a sign of dating success is to date the man with the most hair. How mindless!

Interestingly, a man with a purposely shaved head doesn't count. He can grow a full head of hair anytime he wishes, but has opted to shave bald either for sports performance, or because of fashion. Members of the armed forces have to wear their hair short already, so some chose to take it right off.. Maybe he is a near-famous person trying to stand out. Regardless, some of the women who will willingly date a guy with a shaved head will not date a naturally bald man. I guess there is no accounting for stupidity in the fairer sex sometimes.

On that note, two different female friends told me this:
"Oh no, a bald man won't do at all. He has no hair. I want a man with a full head of hair like my daddy had."
"I adore men with shaved heads, bald men are so masculine and sexy. They remind me of Bruce Willis."

Maybe it is just that famous men who are bald are sexier than regular guys who are bald.
Who knows?
Who cares?
Does anybody?

Dating is initially based on physical attraction and subconsciously we are seeking a healthy mate to procreate with. Although a lack of hair can be a sign of dignity and maturity, which should be pluses, at the animal level a lack of hair also signals a less pure DNA, so there is an inherent negative vibe to it. I know several  women who will not date balding men at all.

The obsession with male baldness in general seems to be a North American phenomenon for the most part. With the heavy influence of eastern European males through successive US/Canadian generations, one finds a society where balding men aren't quite as prevalent as in other countries. In Scandinavia, the UK and western Europe for example, hair loss appears to be far more common and is therefore far more accepted.

The first thing we need to spell out here is that having a bald head has nothing to do with poor health. It is a function normally associated with aging, but can happen in a man's teens. It is the same as a woman's breasts sagging, eye wrinkles or neck lines. Thinning hair happens to every man at some point in his life. Some men are just affected much earlier than others.

There is a good chance that Hollywood is mostly responsible for seeding the anti-baldness attitude in some North American women. The leading man has always been portrayed in western cinema as a man with a full head of hair. Hair is also the natural domain of youth.
There are exceptions. Sting is still sexy even though he has been losing his hair for a long time, Nicholas Cage appears to be losing his hair but this doesn't affect his attraction and Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek the Next Generation fame was the heart throb of 10's of thousands of women around the world.

So maybe less hair on a dynamic and confident man is not the issue that it would be on a meek mouse of a man. It is more likely the sex appeal that the man exudes due to his confident nature that is more likely what wins over women to many successful bald men. It is success and confidence more than hair length that will affect your success with the women. Baldness, for most women, is a minor point, even if they think about it at all.

So go forward with confidence, a positive self image, and with that certain panache that only successful men can exude. You will not lack for lovers, I assure you.

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