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Dating and Relationships Advice For Women

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Dating and Relationships Advice For Women

For some reason, dating and relationships are so much more important to we women than to men. Men are generally simple (and simple minded) folk -- food, beer, sports, and sex will satisfy 80% of the adult (and near adult) male population. A job is just a necessary evil to feed those more basic needs. So you would think that attracting a man and keeping him happy would be a no-brainer. So why is it that so many women fail? We women have all kinds of hang-ups when it comes to relationships, especially with men. We obsess about everything. This series of articles help you understand some facts about relationships that are written by experts. Experts who are out there in the trenches and have learned a few tricks along the way give you their best advice. Find answers to your questions from how to build a better self image to how to make him cum like he's never cum before - and everything in-between. Get ideas for dating hot spots and learn the best way to write up an online profile for great results. Browse the articles and read what you need or what you're curious about. So whether you think you are too fat, too skinny, too compulsive, too focused, too anything; then these articles will have something to help you. Read on, learn, but above all -- adapt what you read to your reality:
How To Write An Effective Online Profile
The do's and don'ts of getting noticed in online dating sites. How to get noticed and stand out from the crowd on a dating site.

Does Your Number Mean Anything?
Just read it -- you will likely forward it to your friends. It is an tongue in cheek look at past relationships.

Sneaky, Sexy Acts of Seduction
A fun look at audacious successes and funny failures when trying to get horizontal with the opposite sex.Are You Attracted To The

Wrong Kind Of Person?
Stop your self destructive habits now. How to not keep falling for the same losers that you seem to keep attracting.

Ending It After One Date -- how to let them down easily
How to break off a relationship gently.

10 No-Nos When Looking For a Date Online
A guide on what not to do.

The Top Ten Attributes Of A Perfect Man
What women really want in a man.

Sex Workout
Who needs a gym -- this is one set of exercises you will willingly do 7 days a week.

Kegal Sexual Improvement Exercises For Her
Simple Exercise For Improved Sexual Satisfaction. Easy To Do Exercise To Enhance A Woman's Sexual Enjoyment. Read Here:

Pole Dancing As Foreplay Or Exercise
Pole Dancing as an art-form for entertainment and sexual arousal

He Says, You Say - Some funny zinger comebacks
I wish I had said that...good for a laugh.

Sculpting Your Body Image
6 ways to Boost your esteem and feel better about yourself.

Why You Should Never Just Settle For Someone
Patience is a virtue – you really can afford to wait for Mr. Goodbar -- or Mr. Big depending on what you want!

Drive Him Wild in the Bedroom!
7 Tips to get the man in your life hot and bothered

Blind Dates : Real Eye-Openers
Be careful out there, blind dates can be fun, weird or just scary

Mr. Right, Myth or Reality?
We all want to know if there is a Mr. Right out there for me don't we?

Is There A Way To Make Your Relationship More Exciting?
Even Eve wanted something more -- so do you!

How To Make Love Like A Porn Star
10 Tips to Turn you into a better than Pornstar Lover. One of our most popular articles, this explores what is is that will not only help you make love better, but also lets you know the best ways to get a man to give you what you need.

Are You What Men Want, Need and Desire?
What Men Want! Sometimes women just do not understand where men are coming from. Read and heed...

Can You Go Environmentally Green .... Even In Your Bedroom?
9 ideas to be a Bedroom Green Environmentalist so you can save the planet and still get off.

Are There Benefits To Cybersex?Sex without sex? What's that about?

Orgasm Your Way To A Better BodyGym or Sex -- should be no contest.

10 Things Women Do That Irritate Men
Women have an innate way of doing or saying just the right things to make men unhappy. Finally you will learn how not to tick him off

.Is Masturbation Really A Bad Thing?
Relaxation therapy at its best.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Worry If He's Jacking Off
A humorous look at male self fulfillment, tickling the Elmo, and other forms of interference--:

What Should You / Could You Do After Sex?
Post coital conundrums. After you are finished the main course, what should your desert be?

Can Fat Be Sexy?
Why being a BBW (big, beautiful woman) is Sexy as hell. There are sites dedicated to helping BBW women find men, and believe it or not, there are lots of good looking guys out there who like a healthy woman.

How To Put A Condom On With Your Mouth
Step-by-Step instructions to add some zing into the last stage of foreplay.
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