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Dating and Relationships Advice For Men

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Men's Dating and Relationship Handbook For Dummies

Well I guess this disproves the theory that men do not read. Here you are on a site and reading an advice for men section. That is a good sign. Obviously you have one of two needs: either to improve your luck with females, or to be better at keeping the one you already have. Most heterosexual guys are of the opinion that you can never understand women. In fact, a lot of men think that they have something physically wrong with them that women will never be attracted to. For a few people that may be true but you need to do an experiment to disprove that defeatist hypothesis. Pick a photo of yourself that you think looks the best, carry it with you, and hold it in your hand the next time you are with your chums. When you come across a man with a cute lady on his arm, compare the guy in the photograph with the guy who is with the cute babe. Now be honest. Does he really have anything on you? Really? You will more often than not realize that these guys do not look any better than you do. So what great magic does this man have that you do not have so he can get such a great looking honey on his arm. Too many guys figure that they cannot attract women because of their looks, so they do not even try, but in fact, if you really, really look, you will realize that many men are no better looking than you are. Well there must be some secret to their success. If it is not looks, then what exactly is it that they have? So take the time to peruse the articles below. Take them to heart, and learn! Attracting women is not an art, it is not something you are born with, rather it is something that can be learned. So read, practice, learn, improve, and achieve a much better social life.
How To Write An Effective Online Profile
Not much Success on Dating Sites? Read this 'Online Dating Profile Writing 101 for Straight Guys' article. Get yourself noticed and stand out from the crowd so you can attract the best women on the site. It will go against your grain perhaps, but the results are worth it!!
Your Self Esteem will Affect Your Success
All part of the learning process that looks are not everything. Looks may help you get the first date, but they are certainly not enough to hold them. What the average guy needs to know.

Turn Your Woman into a Sex Nymphomaniac
Believe it or not, women enjoy sex more than men do!! The problem is that most men have no clue as to what to do to make their woman orgasm over and over. If you can give her multiple orgasms, she will never be able to withhold sex from you again, because she will be too addicted to it to want to stop! You just have to read this article.

Super Sexing Your Love Life
Fantasy and Game playing in bed will keep your lady hot, horny and eager.

Keeping her Happy
10 EASY ways to keep your women happy

Cheap Sex Toys 
Inexpensive Sex Toys you can find in your everyday life.

New Horizons - Meet Girls ONLINE
An overview of what you need to succeed in online dating, and why online dating might be the smart move to revving up your love life

4 Steps to Get Laid
Getting horizontal 101 - a must read

Kegel Exercises For Men
One week of determined effort can make you last long enough to bring your woman to multiple orgasms and have more satisfying ejaculations. No drugs required, just very simple training.

How To Make A Woman Ejaculate
What you need to know to bring a woman to new heights of sexual pleasure and make her beg you for more

!40 Ice Breaker Topics for a Date
A great crib sheet of stuff to print and take on your first date.

How to Reach an Opinionated Woman
What does it take to get along with a woman who likes to toss her opinions around like water from a sprinkler.

The Top 5 Things That Will Irritate Any Woman
A woman's view of stupid men tricks.

Sex Workout
Who needs a gym -- this is one set of exercises you will willingly do 7 days a week.

9 Dating Rules for Guys Of All Ages
Some insights as to the do's and don'ts to be successful with women

Balding men and the Dating Dilemma - Why is it so difficult
Why is it so difficult: A bit of dating advice for men who are bald or balding.

Unofficial Rules For Straight Guys
A tongue in cheek listing of what guys should never do.

How To Know When You Are Dating a Good Girl or A Bad Girl
...just a fun read.

Sure Fire Ways To Know You Are With A Woman
The man's guide for identifying that they are in the presence of the fairer sex.

8 Things Women Wish You Knew
Women have real needs that need catering to -- read more here
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