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How to Create a Nymphomaniac!

By James Howlett

Use this 5-day plan of attack to turn your woman into a sex-crazed little nympho who will be ready to pleasure you for hours! If you can hold out that long.

During the next five days, you're going to treat your woman like gold but without seducing her fully. Most guys tend to go all the way once they kiss their woman, but not you; you're going to seduce her to a certain extent each day, calculating each move you make so that she's left wondering why you're not on the attack. By the firth day when you haven't - she will!!! Just remember that the key to each day is slow, smooth moves. Always be subtle, and smooth.

Day 1: Kiss Simple enough. All day, kiss her as though it's the first time you're getting to lay your lips on hers. Kiss her slowly and passionately. Look her in the eyes and give her that silent, "I think you're hot" look. Don't go further. Today it is all about 'the kiss' and just about 'the kiss'.

Day 2: Kiss & Touch
Keep doing what you were on day 1, but add a little more spice to the mix. To start, when you kiss her, let the kiss last just a tad longer. And talk to her. I know. Most of you think - Bo-ring... but women appreciate having their partners listen to them. So ask her a question, let her take as long as she needs to answer it, and then ask her a follow-up question. Here is where the step works even better, while she is talking caress her skin. Not anywhere obviously sexual though, so no hot spots! The main purpose of this exercise is to make her feel as though she's really important to you. And so she should be... so should her sex. You're only three days away from the attack...

Day 3: Kiss, Touch & BREASTS!
The kisses are still very important. Keep them coming and remember; slow's the way to go. But now comes some fun... Now it's time to give her body a little rubdown -- a sensual massage of sorts. While you kiss her -- each time you kiss her -- place your hands on her waist and hold it for a few seconds, before you start making your way up until you reach her awesome breasts (aren't they great?). If she's a nipple freak, make your way to them over her shirt and rub them for a minute. Stop right there; playtime is over for today. It's now time to go back to the game plan for Day 2. We are closer....

Day 4: Kiss, Touch Under Her Clothes & A Phone Call! Today, besides that long sensual kiss in the morning, you're going to call her from work to tell her that you can't stop thinking about her. Tell her you keep fantasizing about what you and her could be doing in bed and that you can't wait to get home. When you do get home, you're not going to have sex with her; you aren't going to have anything even close to sex with her. Instead, you're going to feel up her body, kiss her yet again, and tease her like crazy. When you get underneath her pants/skirt/shorts, feel up her thighs but don't touch her pussy. When you get under her shirt, feel up her stomach and her back, but don't touch her breasts. Let out a slight moan when you touch her and look at her body as though you've never seen anything so beautiful before. End it with a sensual kiss, but keep your eye on her. Warning: She may very well attack you on this very night.

Day 5: Kiss, Touch, Breasts & Nakedness
This is it. This is the day you've been waiting for. Today you will do everything already mentioned -- kiss, caress, rub, nipple visit -- but you will also take a shower, come out wrapped in a towel and kiss her neck softly. Once you've adequately given her a soft, slow kiss, all you have to do is lay back and wait.

She'll be attacking in 3, 2, 1... Thank me later!

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