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How To Irritate A Woman!

By Sherry Stoner

Okay although this article is written by a woman for men it is should be a huge wake up call to all of you out there about what irritates us the most. We women want you to realize that although we may irritate you at times, you can piss us off more then even you can ever imagine.

Read these and take some notes:
1. Being Friendly Does Not Mean I Want Sex With You
Just because I went out with you smiled pretty and was nice to you does not mean you are going to get lucky. It may mean a peck on the cheek, it may mean a hug, but never assume I am going to drop down and give you your wildest fantasies...(yes I am your wildest fantasy)
2. If You Want Me To Look Like Barbie, Why Are You Fat With A Gut? If you want a Barbie doll on your arm that will be a smiles and cutesy you better be hung like a horse and have the money to back it up. Make sure you are one hunk of burning love or look elsewhere for someone in your own league honey.
3. Why Did You Hide The Porn? I Like Porn Too
Yes guys women like porn too! Do you not think we have it too? Well here is a big shocker for you...we do. Porn can take a cold woman to a red hot mama in no time. Besides it can give you fabulous ideas what to do in the bedroom or even the couch, over the table..well you get the drift.
4. Just Because You Have Cum Does Not Mean I Am Done
Yeah we know men always get to their destination way faster then any woman, so take some time, remember this word write it down if you have to: FOREPLAY!!!!!!!!!! It works every time and you might even get another date if you manage to get her off.
5. Men, Personal Grooming 101 Would you stick that in your mouth? So why would you expect me to? Yes that is right, that sounds disgusting but it was meant to. If you are not showered, not shaved or just plain down right stink, we are not coming anywhere near you or any part of your anatomy. You expect us to be smelling pretty for you, the least you could do is the same for us. So make sure you wash thoroughly just before sex. Even if you showered before going out.

Yes these things may seem petty to you men but let me tell you the fastest way to piss off a woman is to not be receptive to her needs, and wants, and to hide your porn!

So come on show us that you care and give us a little something to work with....

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