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Eight Simple Turn-Ons For Any Woman

By Roger Ross

Face it, women are different than men - you may already have noticed. So it's predictable that some of the things men do in between the sheets will drive women wild, while others might just irk them a bit. Please find below a few suggestions to improve your sexual dynamic:

1) Cleanliness

Even if you believe your trouser furniture is clean, a shower before bed never hurt anyone. She might even get into hot water with you (start the fun early with a shower for two). Being clean is a basic courtesy, whether you've spent the day by the pool or mopping out the lion's cage. Do not make a big production out of it, just say you want a quick shower before bed.. While you are at it, pay attention to your hands and anything stuck under the fingernails. You do not want to infect her with something picked up digging in the garden.

2) Being Mister Macho Stud

Women are very much in tune with someone who has a routine that is totally perfected. He has become a master at stimulating all of her body. Yet she gets the feeling he's making love to A Woman, rather than to her. Try focusing on her. Talk to her constantly, and use her name frequently. Ask what she likes and keep her in the conversation to involve her in what you are doing.

3) Foreplay Starts Well Before The Clothes Come Off

Women like the process of sex as well as the actual act of sex. Because of this foreplay is very important to them. Be prepared to start working on them in small ways hours before. A few hints is good. Some caresses and a kiss following that. But back off for a while to let it cook for a bit. Some guys pull it off with style and are regularly rewarded with copious sexual fun and action. Most seem to be oblivious to the process of steaming up a woman. So learn how. The bottom line: don't expect to disappoint her earlier in the day and have her throw herself at you later that same day. It is not likely to happen. If you want sex, then cater to her all day. And do it in an agreeable and sensual manner.

4) Hitting The Same Bases

Slipping into a habit will not result in you slipping into her pussy. Fall into a sexual routine at your danger. Few woman will be satisfied with it for long, and their libido will cool to frigid temperatures. Educate yourself as to the other places besides just the breasts that are centers of sensation for a woman, and vary which ones you stimulate each time.  Even tiny women have lots of sensual nerves all over their body, and believe me, they will respond.

5) Keeping Quiet

You have to do a lot more than just grunt during sex. Nothing is more of a turnoff. Women are big on communication, and are most appreciative when that communication is centering on them. During sex, complement them, talk to them about what they want you to do, surprise them. Be careful about talking dirty. Some women are really turned off by it. If she has to ask you to say something or to talk to her, you are already in a hole and you have to dig your way out in a hurry. Do it!

6) Being Too Rough

Do not get carried away with the physical side. You have to be gentle. What you think is just having a good time might feel like some serious mauling to the woman. All of the parts that you are most interested in are very delicate and tender. How would you like the woman to squeeze and twist your gonads?  Better to be too soft than too rough. If she wants it harder, she will likely take the initiative and start riding you.

7) Finishing Too Soon

For some men this becomes a dreaded habit that warrants therapy. Until you get more experienced at things like Tantra Sex, you may find yourself too ready, too soon. The best way to deal with this is to just make sure that you jerk yourself off about an hour or so prior to lovemaking. This will generally give you better staying power during the act. Until you get that right you can rely on the rest of your formidable arsenal of stimulation to provide your partner with all sorts of pleasure. You can give her an orgasm with cunnilingus or your fingers, or take her up to the very brink before introducing your penis.

8) Lasting Too Long

Although most men dream of hammering on a woman all night, it is seldom a joyful experience for the woman. After a half hour or so, they have likely had enough and would just like you to get your rocks off and finish already. Having a desensitized penis can be the result of several things. You have had sex not to long ago, so even though you have an erection, you do not have any ammo left to shoot. It could be that you drank too much. Not so much that you cannot get it up, but enough that you do not have the same level of sensitivity as normal. Watch your drinking when you are out with your girl. Do these things and you will have her begging for more. And just remember - practice makes perfect.

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