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Four Steps to Get Laid

By Roger Ross

Believe it or not, most people on this planet wonder how to get laid. Why? Many do not get laid at all, and some much, much less often than they'd like, simply because they don't realize a few key secrets that I'm about to give you about how to get laid. Things You'll Need: Confidence, Charisma, Social Skills, and Experience

Step1 - Confidence

In order to get laid, you first need to get mentally fortified by ridding yourself of negative reasons why you cannot. Often these fall into one of three general areas: you have to be rich, it is just something that you are born with, or you need to have a fabulous body like a body builder. Lets do a little exercise to force you to recognize that you do not have to have special physical attributes or tons of money to be successful. Walk down the street, and notice the couples with the hottest girls, and then look at the kind of guys they are with (not exactly Brad Pitt are they?) Write the percentages down, how many percent of the men were attractive. Next, proceed by looking at the boyfriends of the most attractive female friends and acquaintances that you have. How many of them are average or below average financially? Write it down. If you do not have enough friends that you know any hot females, then you have a bigger problem than just getting laid. You need to look at your social life first. Join all the social clubs and organizations that you can and start getting a cool, social life with plenty of female friends.

Step2 - Charisma

Now that you are mentally ready to get laid - Go to a social gathering and start "working the room". This just means that you go out of your way to meet everyone you can at the event. Be charming, funny, and respectful, and people will love you! Just keep moving from group to group. Say something while at each group, but make sure you do not say too much in case you say something stupid. As you get more practice at this, you will be able to say more without shoving your foot in your mouth. Note: You need to approach women (and everyone really) with the genuine desire to socialize and get to know people. Ironically though, wanting and behaving like you want to get laid will repel women off of you, which at the end of the night means - "you don't get laid!" So the objective is not to get laid at this step. The objective is to just meet a bunch of people, women especially, and try to find out stuff about them.

Step3 - Social Skills

As your schmoozing skills progress and you have befriended a lot more of the people (and women) in these events ... ("without" trying to get laid, but only socializing) you will notice a change start to happen.  Some of the women will start becoming more flirtatious and perhaps even "touchy-feely" with you. These are the women who are looking to get laid.

Step4 - Experience

Of the ones who have displayed this increased interest and signs that they want to get laid - pick the one you like best, and then invent an excuse for the two of you to move to a more intimate space. If this is a party it can be something like "Wow, it's so noisy in here, let's continue this conversation over here" (as you take her and lead her by the hand to an empty room). If this is in a club or some other environment, it's usually something like: "Do you think I can see your (whatever she had mentioned that she had at home) so you can get an invite to her apartment. You're on your own from here champ. That part of how to get laid is left up to you.

Tips & Warnings:
  1. None of this will work to get you laid unless you have mastered basic approaches and social skills. This means, you are the kind of person who can approach any person any where and have 50% of them smiling and laughing... which is a skill made up of: approaching, public speaking, humor, working a room, confidence and charisma.
  2. Each one of these skills is a learn-able skill in much the same way that you can learn how to play the guitar or speak a foreign language. In much the same way there are books, courses, organizations and groups that can teach you each of these separate skills. Getting laid skill is simply a larger skill made up of these smaller ones.
  3. When I say give her an "excuse" for moving to a more intimate place, I assume a 2-sided proposition. This means that both you and her know that it is only a socially sanctioned excuse for moving to a more private spot so you can get laid. When you say "It's loud here, let's go over here to continue", it must be clear to her that this is only an excuse. If you actually give the woman a false reason to moving somewhere else with intent to trick her, then that is non-ethical. Be sure that both of you are aware of the difference and get laid ethically.
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