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40 Ice Breaker Topics for a Date

By Roger Ross

Looking to get to know your date better The following is a list of topics that will help you get started. Keeping the conversation going afterwards is up to you.

You should be able to have a lot of fun with this. In fact you can make a game of it. Actually put the list on the table so your date can pick the next topic item from the list and ask you first. You might be surprised by what you learn about the other person. Don't force anyone to answer a question they don't want to and don't pry deeper if they are not willing to talk about a certain subject. And whatever you do, remember the answers!!!

  • First kiss?
  • What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?
  • Best way to relax?
  • Favorite thing to do alone
  • Are you romantic?
  • Sleep in the nude?
  • Favorite midnight snack?
  • What was your best job?
  • What was your worst job?
  • Favorite movie star?
  • Favorite song?
  • What were your life changing moments?
  • What is one food you will never give up?
  • What is a food you can live without?
  • Mountains or the beach?
  • Favorite all time movie?
  • Worst movie you have ever seen?
  • Best concert you have been to?
  • Beer, spirits, wine or coffee?
  • Best vacation?
  • Worst vacation?
  • If you could retire tomorrow what would you do?
  • Three places you would love to visit?
  • Worst boss?
  • Favorite drink?
  • Perfect day?
  • How many cds do you own? Favorite music?
  • Toppings on pizza?
  • Bath or shower
  • If you could do anything what would it be?
  • Ever had a massage?
  • Ideal romantic dinner?
  • What sporting event/concert/entertainment would you buy tickets to regardless of price?
  • Major turn offs?
  • Tattoos?
  • Body Piercings?
  • Crowds, small groups or alone?
  • Pet peeves?
  • Sexiest parts of a member of the opposite sex?
  • Most embarrassing moment?

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